When I first received this bread knife as a gift, I wondered why I needed a special knife to slice bread. I had plenty of knives already. They seemed to work. But once you use a bread knife to slice with, there’s no going back. Very quickly you come to an understanding that this particular blade design was made to slice. Going back to other chef knives that are meant for other purposes just won’t do.

I have the original Grand Prix which I love using to thinly slice baguettes. It takes the difficulty out of trying to make the slices thin and even. It cuts through easily giving me very uniform, thin slices to use for my homemade cheese and charcuterie plate, among other uses.

Wusthof Grand Prix Serrated Knife I use this knife for all of my bread slicing needs. It works so well for bagels which are notoriously difficult to slice evenly. But slicing bread isn’t all this knife can do. It can easily slice tomatoes too. I’ve had the knife for many years and have never experienced a dull blade yet. So what makes this knife special?

What Makes This Knife So Effective?

According to MetroKitchen.com, the manufacturer, Wusthof Dreizack has been around for nearly 200 years. With a very long tradition in quality, the manufacturer has been able to keep up with modern times by recently redesigning its blade. The company traditionally hand sharpened its blade to a 40 degree angle. With new precision technology embraced in 2010, precision lasers sharpen the blade to a 28 degree angle. This narrower angle means a thinner, sharper blade.

Here are some additional facts about the Wusthof Grand Prix II bread knife: