My sister lives in Sonoma County, California – wine country. She is a lucky, lucky girl. There are literally hundreds of vineyards all around her. Even her next door neighbor is a winemaker. She can’t get away from wine if she tried. Such hardship! Visiting up there means you are surrounded by wine, wine, and more wine. But even us diehard wine tasting fans need a diversion every now and then from the tasty vineyards. On those rare occasions, wine country horseback riding is the perfect break.

Spring Time Horseback Ride in Grape Country

Wine Country Horseback RidingLast spring, I visited my sister and she surprised me with a horseback ride through the hills overlooking Lake Sonoma. Did I mention that my sister had a terrible experience on a horse many years ago and had not been on one every since? Hmmm, how was this going to go?

We are both novice horseback riders so our trail was not overly steep or curvy. That was a relief. Our horses were gentle and easily guided. They did like to stop and eat whatever they could find, but who doesn’t like to do that? The views were pretty impressive up above Lake Sonoma. It felt great to be outside and enjoying the fresh air. Plants and flowers were coming into bloom. Our trusty steeds enabled us to relax and enjoy. And of course, our guide made sure we didn’t do anything too crazy given our low skill level!  My sis did great and managed to overcome her fears of riding a horse. It was a perfect way to spend an afternoon together.

But Wait, Isn’t There Any Wine?

No surprise, you can work up quite a thirst riding out on the horse trails. Luckily for us grape lovers, there is a beer and wine bar right there at the ranch. No time like the present to start your transition back to wine tasting. After all, you wouldn’t want to abandon the grapes for too long!

The Ranch at Lake Sonoma

The Ranch at Lake Sonoma offers private and group horseback riding tours. There are many tour choices available and you can read through the different options to see which one is best for you. The tours will range in things like experience level, length of time it takes to complete, and what you will see along the way. They operate year round from 8:30 am to 5 pm.

Have you tried wine country horseback riding? Please share your experience or any comments below!