Wine Corks in Jar Wine Clubs are huge in popularity these days. It’s easy to see why. You visit a winery, taste some delicious wine, and want to replicate the experience at home. These days, every winery has a wine club. But what are the advantages to being in a wine club? Not everyone needs or can afford cases of wine shipped to their homes several times a year from multiple wineries, so what are the benefits to being a member?

Barrel Close UpHere I will take a look at wine clubs and the various experiences that they offer. There are literally thousands of wine clubs out there. Finding a few that have advantages that appeal to you will be my goal. For us grape lovers, being part of the winery itself is the ultimate payday. Many of these wine clubs offer members the chance to be part of the process. That can mean anything from helping with the crush, working with them on bottling day, participating in various dinners and charity events, plus much more.

If you are thinking about joining a wine club (or two, or three or four, who’s counting?), check out the posts here often so you can find the wine club that is right for you or the wine lover in your life.