Wine charms have been around for nearly two decades. They are one of those Parisian Wine Charms items that you don’t realize you need until someone invents it! There are so many types of wine charms out there these days ranging from simple, to elegant to just plain fun.  Even if most people already have a set of wine charms for wine glasses, another set is always welcomed and can easily be personalized to reflect the interests of the person you are buying for. See all kinds of wine charms in my wine charm gallery.

Hostess Gift

As a hostess gift, a set of wine charms is the perfect touch along with a bottle of wine. It’s a nice way to give an extra boost to the main item, the wine. The wine will likely be consumed quickly, but the wine charms will remain and be a friendly reminder of you. Plus, it’s a practical gift that may be put to good use the very evening they are presented.

Personalized Gift

To make wine charms more personal, I like to think of the person that I’m getting them for. If the person is into the beach, a beach-themed set would make a great choice and show the person that you know them well. The themes for wine charms are virtually limitless. You can find them for colleges, occupations, international locations, golf, food items, 50s kitsch, pets and so much more. Give some thought to the person whom you are buying for. Pick an interest and chances are, you can find a set that will give your gift that little bit of personal touch.

Add-On Gift

Macarron Wine CharmI also use wine charms as an add-on to gifts. Sometimes, I just need a little something to complete the gift and wine charms do the trick. A few years ago, we decided to get my sister-in-law a French macaron pan and some pretty Paris-themed oven mitts because she enjoys baking. I liked the French theme we were going with and found some beautiful Paris-themed wine charms to round out the gift. I’m not sure if she ever made the macarons. And the oven mitts have seen much better days. One even caught on fire. But do you know what is still around and used nearly every time we visit? The Parisian wine charms!

The Evolution – Wine Markers

With every product, there are evolutions. A few years ago, wine markers arrived. These handy markers Wine Markersenable you to write names directly on the wine glasses. Very efficient! They also work well on stemless glasses where the traditional wine charm ring just doesn’t work. If dangling rings are not your style, you may want to consider getting a handy set of wine markers.

Wrap-Arounds and Clip-Ons

There is also a growing category of wrap-arounds and clip-ons. Wrap-arounds actually wrap around Pineapple Clip-Onsthe bottom of a stemmed glass. Same idea as a wine charm, but in this case, instead of a metal loop, the charm itself wraps around the glass. With clip-ons, they are generally made of rubber or plastic and clip on to the top of the glass. These are usually inexpensive and fun for outdoor parties as they have a more casual feel about them.

The Next Evolution – Magnetic Wine Charms

Another recent evolution is magnetic wine charms. These tiny charms are two pieces that are held together through the glass. One piece is set in the inside, and the outer, decorative piece is set on the outside. The magnets attract each other through the glass holding the wine charm in place. I’ve seen these in a rainbow of colors and materials. This is a inventive way to use wine charms on stemless glasses (or stemmed glasses if you like), but I do worry about the extra pieces. It’s tough enough to keep track of the tiny wine charms themselves so worrying about magnetic backings could be more than I’m willing to deal with. To get the magnets to meet, you drop the backing into the glass, and then use the decorative part to draw the magnet up, placing them both near the top of the glass. They are colorful and fun-looking, so I encourage you to peruse my gallery and decide for yourself if these wine charms are right for you.

Wine Charm Materials

Wine charms are made in a variety of materials. Personally, I look for sturdier ones as I’m kind of Grape-Wine-Charmsrough on my kitchenware. A dainty set may not last long in my kitchen! You will find wine charms in pressed metal and pewter, along with glass, plastic, rubber and even crystal.  I prefer wine charms that aren’t too bulky. Some of the wine charms I see just have too much going on that is unnecessary. I want to mark the glasses, not add weight and clunkiness to the bottoms.

Where to Find Wine Charms

Wine charms are a little more difficult to find then I thought they would be. On a recent trip to Bed, Bath & Beyond, I only saw clip-ons. In Sur La Table, there were none to be found. Sur La Table mentioned that they get wine charms in seasonally and are often paired with the latest trend. I also visited BevMo, but found only one set of gem wine charms and one set of clips ons. Not much selection there either. Cost Plus World Market didn’t prove much better. I did fine some cute cat and dog wrap-arounds there, but not much else.

The best selection is online. There you can find a multitude of styles, themes, materials and designs. All of the wine charms in my gallery are available online.

Wine charms can be a fun and personal gift. Just give some thought to the wine lover you are buying for, and you can find the perfect set to match his or her personality. You can also go with a modern twist by giving wine markers, clip-ons or magnetic wine charms.

I hope you have fun exploring the world of wine charms. Take a look at my gallery of wine charms for some inspiration. If you have received a particular set that you just love, tell me all about it below!