Wine charms can be found to fit every personality! Whether your wine lover is into traveling, cooking, fishing, cats, shoes or desserts, the perfect set of wine charms is out there.

I took a look at several wine charm sets and found some favorites to share with you in this wine charm gallery. Click on the images below to learn more about any of the wine charms pictured or go here to view these sets and more on Amazon.

Let me start with my favorite theme – wine. Here’s a few that I like that feature wine-inspired charms which are always in season for a wine lover!  What I like about each of these sets is that every charm is noticeably different than the other charms. Too often, you will find wine charm sets that don’t clearly distinguish one charm from the other. I don’t see how guests are supposed to remember if their charm is only slightly different than someone else’s.

Another theme you will find in wine charms is interests and hobbies. Whether it’s traveling to exotic locales or hobbies like fishing or shoe shopping, wine charms are more than likely available. Here’s a few sets that caught my eye in the interest and hobby category.

There are plenty of seasonal and celebration wine charms sets out there too. Take a look at some of the fun holiday and big occasion sets I found. There are even sets for weddings, bridal parties and ladies night out.

There are sets that are just plain fun for the people who will be using them. It could be a collection of food items like desserts or snack foods. Or a vintage style set with funny sayings. These are easy to remember and guests will enjoy them.

Now if you just want something that just makes the glass look pretty, there are some whimsical designs that might be just right for you or your wine lover. Here are few that I think stand out and are very pretty.

Perhaps you don’t want wine charms at all, but are interested in one of the newer ways to identify glasses…with wine markers. These are very versatile, work on both stemmed and stemless glasses, and come in cool metallic, non-toxic colors. Once the evening is over, the names wash off easily and there are no little parts to keep track of. Or maybe wine glass stem wrappers or wine glass clips are more your to your liking. These all work just fine to identify whose glass is whose.

And then the last recommendation I have is to consider a set of glasses that are unique themselves. These are my go-to glasses whenever I have my family over for dinner. I have a set of 4 in my set, so for a bigger party, I use wine charms. But I love my everyday go-to stemless glasses in unique designs. Everyone gets their own design, no other charms or markers needed. Plus, I see that Mikasa makes a set with eight unique patterns now so you can entertain a larger party with a bigger set like this one. Here are some unique patterned wine glass sets for you to peruse.

Ok, I think that covers it. Suffice it to say, there are  many choices for you to consider!

Wine charms are fun gifts that can be great hostess gifts or fun additions to round out a present. You can personalize them by picking a theme that goes with the interest of your wine lover. Or, you can go for something more humorous or whimsical. There are many ways to go, including wine markers or even a set of unique glasses that don’t require any wine charms!

I hope you have enjoyed this gallery of wine charms (and wine charm substitutes) to fit every personality. Feel free to leave any comments or questions you may have below.