Wine and CocoaWith the holidays coming soon, many of you may find yourselves planning a little getaway to wine country. With the kids in tow, what’s better than holiday lights, a chill in the air, and a tasting of your favorite varietal? But wineries aren’t all that fun for kids. In fact, they are rather boring for the juice box set. One creative vineyard found a solution by offering a hot chocolate blending for kids. Hot chocolate and wine, now that is a pairing the whole family can have some fun with.

The Francis Ford Coppola Winery in Geyserville, CA must have noticed how squirmy kids can get at a vineyard. It’s an impressive place with a gallery of movie memorabilia on display including the infamous desk of Don Corleone from The Godfather. There is a large store filled with wine-themed gifts, but also interesting items for little ones to admire. We visited during the holidays so there were all kinds of holiday trinkets and toys to keep kids engaged, including a huge, spinning ferris wheel model that would delight any kid and many adults.

Coppola Winery Geyserville

Hot Cocoa Blending – Fun for Kids

During the holidays, the Coppola Winery did something extra special to entertain the squirmiest of Hot Cocoa Blendingkids. Certainly mine fits in this category. They set up a hot cocoa blending event. We crossed through the beautiful property to get to a special room set up just for kids. Inside, each child received a mug to decorate with colorful markers. This was a fun souvenir that the kids were able to take home. They also received a cup of hot cocoa with all kinds of yummy ingredients to add. Now they could join the fun and create their own “blend” of hot cocoa. The price was very low, I believe it was $5.

My son was all smiles and I noticed the other kids seemed to be enjoying it too. A hot cocoa blending goes a long way to making a winery more tolerable!

DIY Hot Cocoa Blending

Try a DIY version of this at your favorite winery. Bring a thermos of hot cocoa for the kids and a few hot cocoa toppings like fun-flavored marshmallows, chocolate chips, mint or cinnamon sticks, or whipped cream (if you can keep it cool). While you enjoy a tasting, set up the kids with their own blending and everybody has a little fun. Check out my Guittard Drinking Chocolate review if you’re looking for a special hot chocolate treat to take along or have at home!

I will keep my eye out for other kid-friendly activities at wineries as the holidays get closer. Please check back often for my updates and feel free to suggest any that you have enjoyed.