Purple and Green GrapesNew adventures pop up all the time in the world of wine. Here’s a great place to get the latest on these immersive experiences so that you too can take advantage of them. I’m always looking for day trips and activities that keep me close to the vines. Some of these are off the beaten path, which I kind of like. The more creative the better, so long as there is some wine involved!

Here you will get a firsthand look into activities that appeal to wine lovers. There are so many cool events out there. Many of these events are hosted by winemakers and you may be able to participate in them. Restaurants have expanded their offerings to appeal to wine lovers and their specific tastes bringing in winemaker dinners and wine flights. There are even whole businesses dedicated to appeal to the wine crowd like painting and wine evenings which have become quite popular across the US. With so many lovers of the grape out there, the adventures in the wine world just continue to evolve. I can’t wait to get started sharing these experiences with you. Buckle up, it’s going to be a fun ride!