Buying Grape VinesA worshipper of the grape feels a sense of happiness and peace when surrounded by the vines. There is tremendous beauty and promise in the dangling clumps of fruit. I feel that way every time I take a stroll through a vineyard. The deep purple clumps of Cabernet Sauvignon beckon. The green bunches of Chardonnay tempt. It makes me want to stay in the fields a long, long time. Now if a little bit of this feeling could be brought home, I know it would make this gal very happy. Buying grape vines just may be the ultimate gift for your wine lover. It’s a thoughtful way to bring the serenity and beauty of the vineyard home to the backyard.


There are a few things to consider when buying a grapevine. First, give some consideration to the climate. The good news here in the US is that all 50 states now have some acreage dedicated to wine cultivation. That means there is a grape for every climate! Check online or at a local nursery to get more information about what kind of grapes are able to grow in your region. Grapevine plants often come with a map indicating where in the US they are suitable for growing.

Soil Requirements

Next, consider the soil you have available. On a recent visit to my local nursery, we chatted about growing grapevines and it was mentioned that grapevines need to be planted in the ground, not in a pot. Grapevines do not like to be confined to a pot. It will stunt or stop the ability to bare fruit. This explains why my lemon tree isn’t looking very “lemony” these days. I planted it in a beautiful patio pot. It bared fruit the first two seasons, but that’s all. It needs to be put in the ground. Grapevines are known to grow best in somewhat acidic and well-drained soil. It’s very possible that you may need to add extra nutrients to your soil to create the right balance, but not too much because grapes are “picky” about overly fertilized soils. Since you are giving a gift that should last a long time, check with your local garden center for some expert guidance in this area.


Grapevines need about 6-8 hours of sun each day. This will no doubt influence where you choose to plant your vine. If in a colder climate here in the US, facing south is ideal. This may help prevent frost damage.

Buying Grape Vines TrellisTrellis

It’s also recommended that you provide a trellis for your vine. A vine needs to climb!

When to Plant

Early spring is recommended, after the last of the frostier weather. However, I just visited my local nursery a few weeks ago and learned that I could technically plant now before winter and my vine might even produce fruit as early as next year.

Where to Purchase

I have found that the best place to purchase your vine is at a local nursery or a local vineyard if they make them available. A local nursery can give you all kinds of pointers on how, when and where to plant your vine. They also know what grows best in your region and are likely carrying those vines for purchase. A grape-producing local winery will also have a great deal of important information to share on the health and well-being of your vine.

If these local options aren’t available, then I’ve found some good options for you to purchase your grapevine online.

Have fun putting the “vine” in your wine lover’s yard. And by all means, if you do purchase one, let me know how the growing goes.