Yes, yes, yes. They most definitely are. I know this because I have both Wine Tasting Giftsgiveth and receiveth wine tasting gifts, and have greatly enjoyed both sides. Well, maybe I’ve enjoyed being on the receiving end just a little more!

Let’s say you want to give the wine lovers in your life the thing they enjoy most…wine. But, you want to get a little creative about it and not just give a bottle of wine (although most wine lovers would not complain about this gift, I can assure you). There are some unique ways to give wine tastings as gifts to these grape worshippers. By doing so, you will give them more than just a taste, but also an experience. Ready to get creative with me? Read on, Grapees, read on….

Specialty Shops Offer Tastings

You may have noticed there are plenty of smaller, gourmet stores that have popped up all over. These include specialty food boutiques and fancy cookware shops. Many of these places offer wine tastings. But this isn’t something that you generally think of doing when visiting because typically, you are there to shop for something and who has the time?

Now think about this. What if your sole purpose for visiting the upscale locale was to sit down and enjoy a tasting? Wait, it gets better. In addition to the tasting, what if it was paired with a cheese and fruit plate or other delicacy? Sounds good, right?

I received a gift just like this for the holidays. It was a gift card to a local gourmet olive oil shop Cheese and Charcuteriecalled We Olive that offers wine tastings too. The gift card was for the store, but the note I received with it specifically mentioned that this was to be used for a wine tasting at the shop. My husband received one too and we just used them recently. We both had a flight of wine and enjoyed a cheese and charcuterie plate with it. It was fantastic! And, we likely would not have done this without the gift card.

A wine flight at a local gourmet store isn’t too expensive, so it makes a thoughtful gift and experience for a wine lover without having to overspend.

The Coolest Wine Tasting Delivered

vinebox-logoIf you are looking for the ultimate in cool wine tasting gifts, then let me tell you about Vinebox. Vinebox offers tasting flights of wine sent to the home. The wine comes in cylindrical bottles in a beautifully, and I do mean beautifully, packaged box (check it out here). Each bottle holds enough for one glass and you get 3 bottles per box, plenty for a wine tasting, but not too much that there will be any extra! You can choose the type of wine you receive (red, white, or mix).  It’s wacky, so chic and very cool at the same time. They had me at the packaging! Seriously, it’s so modern looking. This gift has some serious swag and is high-end fun!

Vinebox offers club memberships to have tastings delivered monthly, but there is a 3 month plan that can be sent as a gift. Also, for the holidays, they offer the 12 Nights of Wine and this can be sent as a wine tasting gift too, but note, this one is pricey (and sells out quickly). More details on the coolest wine tasting gift I’ve seen at Vinebox here.

Local Tasting Room

Now let’s round this out by offering one more creative idea that is close to home. If you are lucky Millesime Cellarsenough to be located within close driving distance to a local tasting room or winery, check out the events page of the winery or Groupon for local wine tasting events. We were able to find a Groupon for a wine and chocolate pairing at a local winery, Millesime Cellars. We tasted several wines, each one paired with an exotic chocolate truffle. Yum! The wine was great and the chocolate was such a treat.

A local tasting is such a great gift idea. The important thing to remember is that you want to get a tasting gift at a nearby winery so that your wine lovers will actually get to use it! It’s not convenient to travel 2 hours for a tasting, so go local and see what’s happening at tasting rooms nearby. We enjoyed our wine tasting with chocolate so much at Millesime Cellars, we became wine club members. Now we go back for wine pick-up parties, Valentine’s Day tastings, holiday events and more. By giving a local wine tasting gift, wine lovers can experience a new place and potentially even become members if they like it. All because of thoughtful you!

I hope this has brought some new wine tasting gift ideas to light for you. I happen to love all of these ideas and I have confidence that they will be appreciated by the wine lover in your life. Ready to get creative?

Do you know of an unusual wine tasting give idea? I’d love to know about it. Please let me in on it below.