Hello, I’m Jackie and thanks for joining me on my grape-filled adventures!


I have been enjoying wine for more than 20 years now. In my travels to different vineyards, I’ve been caught up in the lifestyle of those who worship the grape, the winemakers. Spending time with people that make wine is always a treat for me. Hearing stories about their humble beginnings is inspiring. I’m drawn to their tales about the latest vintage – what it means to them, what influenced the name and how the taste differs from the previous vintage. Never have I met people that show more pride in their creations. Never have I met people in any industry that are as happy.

I’ve spent the last couple of decades in the corporate world. I moved to California from the east coast to pursue a career in television and film. I’ve been lucky to work in an industry that I enjoyed and had success in for so long. I’ve met many wonderful people along the way. Some will be my friends for life. But it’s time for me to do something new. Once you realize that you are not locked into one direction in life, it clears the way for you to pursue another dream. That’s where I am today. I’m ready to embark on another path, and this one is leading me straight into the vineyard.

Sharing My Passion for the Grape

I’ve known that I’ve wanted to be part of the wine industry for a long time, but how could I contribute? I’m not a viticulturist, a manufacturer, or a sommelier. But I am passionate about wine, and that passion is fueling my desire to share with like-minded grape worshippers.

As a true fan of the grape, I naturally gravitate towards wine-themed gifts and trends. Every year, I look for the latest idea or unique addition because I not only love enhancing my passion, but many in my life also share this passion with me including my husband, family and friends. I can’t be the only one poring through websites looking for that perfect, new, wine accessory. Here’s a chance for me to share what I have found over the years of my grape studies, including what I have liked and not liked. What fun course work it’s been! I will also share my latest finds so you can quickly see what’s new in the land of grapes.

Like a Sip of Port at the End of a Wine Tasting…

…my goals for this site are short and sweet

Entertain my readers, who I affectionately call “Grapees”, with stories from my experiences

Become the go-to destination to learn more about the latest gifts, trends and finds in the wonderful world of wine

Be happy and proud of what I do, like the winemakers I’ve met along the way

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. I look forward to hearing from you.


Founder of worshippingthegrape.com